Dr Ladd McNamara First Heard About Nutritional Supplements

Posted by - Admin / February 23rd, 2010

Health supplements, or nutritional supplements, are designed as a supplementary product to be taken on top of our standard diet. The modern way of life typically means poor diet while processed food also means that many of the good nutrients that are naturally found in food have long been removed before we have the chance to consume, digest, store, and use them. Unfortunately, as witnessed by former board certified doctor Dr Ladd McNamara, these nutrients are more likely to be replaced by oxidants and pollutants which only serve to exacerbate the problem.

Dr Ladd McNamara first heard about nutritional supplements from some of his patients that discussed the apparent benefits of taking them. In order to determine their true benefit, he set about thoroughly and fully researching the nutritional supplements in question to determine whether they offer any real benefit. What he found was surprising even to him, as a doctor. Not only can supplements help to build levels of nutrients that we simply don’t eat but they can be used to build up the levels of essential vitamins and nutrients to prevent illness and to generally improve health.

Nutritional supplements like the ones that Dr Ladd McNamarae takes himself have been thoroughly medically tested to ensure that they’re safe and that they contain and deliver the nutrients they say they do. This can be any nutrient, vitamin, or mineral that is needed as part of our everyday diet to remain healthy and well. You too can enjoy these benefits with the proper nutritional supplements.

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